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Carlos Monteiro


The Balance Resting State:

The Balance Resting State is one of the procedures used by the Alexander Technique to restore well-being and allow a person to come back to a neutral state of non-reaction or a chosen reaction.

For that, the pupil will allow her/himself to stay 15 to 20 minutes in the semi-supine position as showed on the picture without attempting to move or achieve anything in particular. 

​You can lie down on a table as it shows on the picture, or on a carpet or mat. Use a book underneath your head. To determine the number of books needed, use the length of your thumb or better, ask your Alexander Technique teacher what is the ideal amount of books to use. That varies according to the person and even the time of the day.

​The whole idea of being in this position is to bring yourself into a state of lower stress, anxiety and pain. The way to achieve it is not through forcing or aiming but just allowing yourself to be there and notice what you notice.

​Follow my audio below the picture to guide you through the experience of lying down and profit out of the experience of for once not want to achieve but just being.

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