Carlos Monteiro


Alexander Technique in the Workplace

Half an hour sessions in the work place. This sessions helps to prevent and relieve chronic back pain and neck tension. 

I will look particularly the way you sit, stand, look into your monitor and teach you better ways where you can use yourself during your daily tasks. 

Normally office activities lead to a serious number of injuries due to stress and anxiety. However busy you might be, you do not need to hurt yourself or feel pressurised because of the nature of your job. I can show you alternative ways where you can deal with those moments and not lose yourself in the process. 


Poor posture when you’re at work, typing on a laptop, or even when you’re bending your neck to look at your mobile phone puts stress on your spine, and contributes to problems with lower back pain, neck pain, headaches and sore shoulders.


BackCare UK – as the National Back Pain Association endorsed Alexander Technique as a means to improve posture and relieve prevent back pain

More research in to the benefits of Alexander Technique is available on the website of STAT, the Society for the Teachers of Alexander Technique. STAT is committed to furthering research in all fields into the effects of taking Alexander Technique lessons.


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