Carlos Monteiro

Why Learn it ?

Children react and move with poise and equilibrium. However, due to stress and accumulated tensions that are part of the modern lifestyle, those natural qualities fade away in time. That is the main reason why adults nowadays use themselves in a much less efficient manner. Our bodies become rigid and distorted and we have difficulties in facing the daily challenges of a modern life.

Many people feel trapped in their own habits and try to change something that does not feel quite right. Then, the need of changing with more control of their own actions and more choice becomes a must.

The Technique re-establishes that state of alert and relaxation. At a postural level that means a mix dynamic between flexibility and improving muscular tonus. Above all, the Technique teaches us how to maintain our new self when life demands more than the usual.

After a session, people describe a sense of lightness, easiness and an improvement in the quality of their sleep.