Carlos Monteiro

To Whom are the Sessions

More and more, people are interested in the benefits of the Technique as well as the quality of lifestyle that takes place when practicing the Technique (you can read more about its benefits on the NHS website). Students of the Technique learn new ways of dealing with stress, gaining more self-control and therefore raising their levels of vitality.

Individuals who have an office work and a more sedentary lifestyle find that the Technique have enormous benefits in reducing constant pain. Being exposed to the Technique, muscles relax and our berating improves which has a direct impact on increasing our mobility and becoming more harmonious.

It is important to refer that the Technique is not a treatment, but a method that can be used to reduce anxiety, breathing problems, tension in the neck and shoulders, tension in our jaws and many other health problems.

Actors, musicians, dancers and sports people learn the Technique with the main purpose to prevent injuries, improve their coordination and equilibrium and therefore to be more spontaneous and improve their professional lives.