Carlos Monteiro

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My interest for the Alexander Technique started 10 years ago when I started to study theatre as a hobby. First at Star Tek in London and then at the Gaiety School of Acting in London for the period of one year.

During that time, I noticed that while performing, I had much less control over myself. The Alexander Technique was then introduced to me as a method to gain back that much needed control.

I understood after a few sessions that the Technique explored consistently the way we use ourselves in any given situation and more importantly, it guides us to use ourselves as a psycho-physical whole in a more efficient manner. The results I obtained during that time were much more than improving my confidence while in stage or speaking in public. I felt more in tune with my decisions overall and it allowed me to be more relaxed and less anxious.

During that time, I enrolled in other complementary courses to be able to explore more about the topic of gaining control:

  • Quick Vocal Improvement - City Lit Institute (London)

  • Public Speaking Course - School TV and Radio (London)

After a few years of taking private classes of the Alexander Technique, I realised that what I wanted was to become a teacher. I studied for three years at the Alexander Technique Training School in London (ATTS) where I obtained my Teacher Certificate.


I am also a member of STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) in the United Kingdom.

At the moment, I teach at the Alexander Technique Training School (ATTS) in London, 2018/2019.