Carlos Monteiro

How it is taught

The Alexander Technique is an educational process with the main purpose of changing bad habits that we acquire in our daily lives. Those habits are not perceptive by us, and it takes time to notice them. For that reason, the Technique does not have an immediate effect and we need patience and perseverance to understand ourselves.

The Technique is usually taught as an individual session. However, group classes can be a plus as an introductory session. The teacher uses touch and verbal communication to guide the student through simple movements like for example sitting, standing or walking. Those movements allow the student to experiment a better way of use him/herself. Easiness, lightness and better coordination are some of the descriptions that people sense while moving and reacting under a new state.

The number of classes needed to sense the effects of the Technique varies from person to person. Normally, after 25 to 30 lessons the student commences to sense the difference in their way of using him/herself. It is recommended one class a week, especially when the Technique is still a new method. This way, the new benefits of practicing the Technique will be faster ingrained and easier to improve the quality of living.

One class takes around 40 minutes. However, an introduction class can take up to 50 minutes.